EGEA Program

The General Assembly (GA)

The highest decisive body of EGEA, takes place once per year during the Annual Congress. In the General Assembly new entities are approved and inactive ones discharged. Also matters of the association are discussed and voted upon via proposals. At the General Assembly all approved member entities can cast their vote. The Board of EGEA is voted upon before the General Assembly via e-voting by all entities. Regional Contact Persons are voted upon by their region’s entities.
At the General Assembly, the Board of EGEA elect, the Regional Teams elect, the members of the Financial Control Commission and the Secretariat Coordinator are approved.

The Regional Meeting (RM)

Regional Meeting is one of the statutory meetings of EGEA. It is a gathering of regions’ entity representatives and Regional Team where the official matters of region are discussed. Each entity has to send one representative. Guest also can take part in this meeting which is very appreciated. On this meeting we’re discussing the current events, issues and questions that are in the region and whole EGEA. It’s some sort of summary after half year of BoE and Regional Teams work. Each entity representaive is shortly talking about situation in their entity, what the plans are for the future and what events the entity organises.

Newbie/Oldie Area

Are you a Newbie? Do you want to meet other EGEAns and make friends? Then Newbie Area is a MUST for you. Regional Support Commiittee will tell you how the whole EGEA works, what opportunities it offers, what committees are and how you can join them. Can’t forget to mention that you will be part of typical EGEA game – don’t worry, older and wise EGEAns will show you everything.


At the Newbie Area you have learnt about committees and stuff. On the EGEA Fair you can meet the representatives of the committees and personaly ask them what it is like to be part of a committee, how can you contribute and join!