How to get there + Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony – in Olomouc!

Our opening ceremony will be held in another EGEA city – Olomouc – the exact location of the opening is HERE. We are ready to welcome you there on Monday, 16th September. In the best case be there around the noon and in the afternoon the Ceremony will start. You can share your travel plans with other EGEAns at this forum.



The registration opens at 9:30 and closes at 13:30. So you have a lot of time to do the registration. Please arrive in advance before the registration ends and make sure you have enough time to registrate. You can drop your luggage there since morning and enjoy a guided city tours by EGEA Olomouc and look around.

To motivate you for arriving early – around the Opening Ceremony place is a beautiful park and gardens, so after you fill the registration, then you can chill there and enjoy the atmosphere.

Pevnost poznání Olomouc

17. listopadu 7
779 00 Olomouc

GPS: 49,592896 17,257982

How to reach it with public transport: If you arrive by a train or bus to the Olomouc Main Train station, then you have two options. Either you can walk (cca 2 km distance, about 25 minutes), or use the tram nr. 1, 5 or 7. The tram station is called Envelopa and from there it is about 500 m to the Opening Ceremony Building (Pevnost poznání Olomouc).

Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony starts 13:45. Also, please be on time.


Important: For our participants, we cover transportation from the Opening Ceremony to the Congres place!

The Congress place

In case you are going to miss our Opening Ceremony, you have to reach our congress place on your own. The exact location is HERE and easiest way to travel there is by a train. You can search all connections within Czechia  HERE and search for the train stop “Kouty nad Desnou”. Our hotel is just next to this train station.

The address is:
Rejhotice 72
78811 Loučná nad Desnou
Olomoucký kraj, Czechia

Travel to Czechia is easy, you can reach us from all directions. For the event, you will probably travel via Prague, Brno or Ostrava to visit entities there. For transport inside of Czechia (to reach Olomouc), you can always check this website. For travelling into Czechia itself you can use many possible airports like Prague, Vienna, Kraków, Katowice or Bratislava. For travelling by bus you can take a look at Flixbus or RegioJet. In case you have any questions about travelling, you can contact us.


Important: In case you have an ISIC card and you are a student under 26, you can take a discount 75 % for all public transport in Czechia!



PS: After the congress, you should manage your travelling from Loučná nad Desnou on your own. The easiest way is to use the train to Olomouc (timetable here, search departure from train stop Kouty nad Desnou), there is train to Olomouc quite often (4:50, 5:50, 6:50, 7:50, 9:50, 11:50, 12:50 and more).