Hotel Dlouhé Stráně

The three-star Dlouhe Strane Hotel consists of the main building and the upper building. The hotel offers accommodation in 300 rooms with a total capacity of 650 beds. There are double and triple rooms, family double rooms and two- to four-bed suites with extra beds possible.


The address is:

Rejhotice 72
78811 Loučná nad Desnou
Olomoucký kraj, Czechia

The two main buildings. Source: Hotel Dlouhé Stráně, Loučná nad Desnou

The hotel offers a wide range of sporting and cultural possibilities. There is a sauna, wellness center, and fitness center. There are also grounds for football and kids and an outdoor fireplace with seating. Free parking is directly in front of the building.

Reception of the hotel. Source: Hotel Dlouhé Stráně, Loučná nad Desnou

One of the dining halls. Source: Hotel Dlouhé Stráně, Loučná nad Desnou




















It has everything the congress needs:

  • GA Hall for more than 200 people (not the same as dining hall so no need to change it all the time)
  • several smaller rooms for the Regional Meetings and Scientific programme
  • double or triple rooms with private/shared bathroom
  • cantines that fit all of the participants
  • possible one afternoon with swimming pool
  • 2 football/volleyball fields, table tennis, bowling
  • 100 m to train station

You can check out the hotels website here: