The congress place is located in Loučná nad Desnou, a small village with 1 600 inhabitants, located in the foothills of the Jeseníky Mountains. Next of the village starts the Protected area of Jeseníky Mts. This region is unique especially because of the nature that includes a wide range of natural habitats, such as subalpine mountain areas, mosses, wetlands and in general poses high density of forest cover (more than 80 %). You can explore more of the village and Jeseníky on the virtual tour here.

The region was historically never very densely inhabited and nature stayed preserved especially due to the peripheral position as it was never industrial or mining region and several political circumstances as the Second World War. The end of the war brought a total overhaul of the population of the region.

Jeseníky Mountains

Jeseníky were historically German-speaking and more than 90% of the population declared themselves Germans but with the forced expulsions the area becomes empty and it took long time and effort from the Czechoslovak government to settle new people from all around Czechoslovakia to Jeseníky area. By this, all the Jeseníky Mountains provides a great hosting place to the main theme of our congress and numerous possibilities in both physical and social/human geography.

…where the congress will take place