Forgotten Homeland: Realizing the Roots

Who are we? Where do we belong? What are our ancestors and where did they come from? How we are connected to the land around and what it means for us?

When we say this is our homeland, this is the place we grew up and lived. But was it always home of our family? Did our fathers, grandfathers grow up on the same land? If not, why and how they left the place they lived before and why they moved here?

The goal of the congress will be thinking about and discussing these questions in a geographical sense. We will approach the migration that forced the people to leave their homeland and settle somewhere else. We will go into historical geography and try to find homeland – villages and towns that already disappeared. We will use imaginary geography and discuss what homeland is for the people and how was it pictured in different eras. The physical geography will help us to tackle natural aspects of the land that belongs to our ancestors and the GIS will oversee migration movements etc.