Germany Weekend 2020

Organizer: EGEA
Location: (Map)
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Travel Information

We will meet on Thursday afternoon near the train station Gebra (Hainleite). We will gather and walk up to the castle together. If you come by car, feel free to join in on the gathering.


We compiled a few totally appropiate ways for you to get to Castle Lohra!
I think we thought of everything there is but if any questions arise, you are welcome to ask us.


By Car
The “Autobahn 38” goes by the town of Gebra which is close to Großlohra. Simply use the exit to „8-Bleicherode“ towards Bleicherode/Großbodungen/Schlotheim/Sollstedt.  Best use a navigation system to guide you to the castle or the meeting point, depending on when you arrive.
You can park right at the accommodation.


By Train
The closest Station by train would be “Gebra (Hainleite)”. The way from the train station to the castle is around 4 km and we would say that is a good opportunity for a little hike after Corona!
But no worries, there will be one person with a car to take heavy luggage and people who can‘t walk much for any reason.

Btw: you can take the Bus 29 from the train station to the village Großlohra.  Endstation is “Friedrichslohra/Wartehalle”.
From there you can walk up to the castle.


We recommend car-pooling or traveling by public transport to minimize your CO2 emissions and for a more environmentally friendly event!  :)


By Plane
The closest airport is Erfurt-Weimar or Leipzig, from there it is possible to go by regional train (or bus) to the closest village: Großlohra.(see above)
If you come with your own plane, please try aim for the green field not the white one!


By Parachute
There‘s a giant field right next to our accommodation, a minimal height of 2000m is proposed, to minimize legal responsibility on our side and any injuries you can (or will?) sustain. Additionally don’t forget to inform local authority to prevent any unwanted airforce interceptor involvement…
Do not aim for the big white square, that‘s an open-pit mine. We will not rescue you. Nobody will hear your screams.