Germany Weekend 2020

Organizer: EGEA
Location: (Map)
Open for:


Day 1

To learn something about other EGEA Entities and to get to know all the members, we‘ll play some fun games. After that we will have the perfect conditions for our first activity: a game about the global market called „Glopopoly“. It will be a great chance to act like a global player but also be a diplomat. It teaches you the unfair mechanisms and principles of the world market.  To conclude the first day there will be a cozy campfire.

Day 2

For our second day a lot of creativity is required. In the morning we plan an up-cycling competition. Who has the best idea to create something completely new out of the clutter and rubbish that you guys brought with you from home? After lunch there will be the next creative challenge. We want you to produce funny, interesting or serious short films, plays or audio dramas about pressing geographical issues of our world. Before we‘re going to get to dinner and the German Evening, there will be the Annual Meeting of the german speaking entities for some updates on the past year.

Day 3

The third day is our highlight, with an exciting excursion to an open-pit mine. After there will be time for sport competitions on the football or volleyball field. For the less competitive people we’re planning some more chilled out games. Our tenth birthday party will finish the weekend off with fun birthday party games, EGEA-dancing and much more.