Germany Weekend 2020

Organizer: EGEA
Location: (Map)
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Our Location for the Germany Weekend will be the Castle Lohra, which we already chose for our “10th Birthday of EGEA Jena” – Celebration.
This Castle has a lot of EGEA history known only to the wisest and oldest of EGEANs! 😉
It is also one of the biggest castle complexes in Thuringia! Back until 2015 the Newbie Weekends for the entirety of EGEA were organised at this castle!
We are proud and happy to revive this beautiful location.


Castle Lohra is situated in the north of Thuringia on a hill right above the village of Großlohra. It is cared for by Openhouses e.V., an association which provides historic accommodations for cultural exchange, encounters between people and everyone who comes along.


Castle Lohra is a complex with lots of buildings. The core-castle consists of the old castle made of cobblestone and wood. It’s appearence is in original medieval style. Then there is another area outside which consists of the more modern “White house” and “Grey house” which are our accommodations. These houses have gardens, built-in kitchens, showers and toilets. Right around the corner is a volleyball and football field, lots of forested areas as well as fields and even a surface mining site.

It is one of the best locations to host an event right in the center of Germany!