Found Atlantis

Organizer: EGEA
Location: (Map)
Open for: Everyone

Travel Info

All transfers within the event are already included into price. So you just have to get to L’viv.
And there are several options for that:

1) By plane:
Via Wizzair – there are three flights to L’viv (from Dortmund, Milan, Venice).
Also you can take a plane to Kyiv – our capital – and take a train after (train tickets in Ukraine are really cheap).
Wizzair has got flights to Kyiv from Germany, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Italy, Spain, Great Britain.

Via Ryinair – there are plenty of flights to Krakow, Rzeszow, Lublin (from Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Italy, France, Great Britain, Ireland).

From Krakow, Rzeszow or Lublin you can get to L’viv by train or bus.

2) By train/bus:
Use options above and take a train or bus ;) There are a lot of them from Polish cities directly to L’viv.

3) By hitch-hiking:
This one is our favourite ;)
As L’viv is situated near to the Ukrainian-Polish border, it’s easy to get here by hitch-hiking.
Ukrainian drivers are usually nice and take hitch-hikers without any doubt.
So, use it! ;)