“Sustainable Tourism – Managing Our Heritage”

The Mediterranean – a region that has long been associated with the sun, sea and summer days. One of the cradles of the human civilization, the natives of these warm coastal lands have usually been depicted as joyous, relaxed and vital. This is why the rest of Europe – and the world – wants in on their secrets.


But how do we solve the logistical, economic and ecological pressures that come up when half of the world shows up on your doorstep, seeking to explore the mysteries of the place you call home? How do we preserve our cultural and natural heritage while still being able to share it with our guests? In short, how do we manage our tourism in a sustainable way?


We hope to make a few steps in the right direction by focusing on these topics on EMRC2020, which will be held in Croatia, in Istria. This peninsular land of deep bays, sunny beaches, green mountains and old stone villages will be our haven and our case study all at once. Istria awaits – see it today, save it for tomorrow.