Scientific Workshops and Excursions:


All scientific workshops and excursions for the upcoming EMRC all try to tackle a certain physical or human aspect of island life. In addition, this year, EGEA Malta has introduced the idea of science communication and public outreach within its scientific workshops. Hence, free public access to any data collected and maps produced is expected after these are handed out to the respective local councils, NGOs and the University of Malta.  In addition, this year EGEA Malta has also decided to include local accademia in the learning process. Therefore, applications for workshop leaders will be viewed not only by the Scientific Coordinator, but also from the keynote speakers of that topic, and they will choose the best applicant for each workshop together. These keynote speakers will in turn assist workshop leaders prior to and during the congress with research material, ideas and advice.





During the EMRC, workshop leaders shall:


    • Get a fixed place at the EMRC
    • Work with our keynote speakers prior to the congress to understand better the topic and its applicability to local scenarios
    • Lead a 4-hour long introductory workshop during which our keynote speakers will also give a 20-30 minute lecture


  • Co-lead the excursion


  • Lead a 1hr long evaluation workshop to discuss excursion results
  • Present the workshop’s main results and conclusions in a 10-minute TedX Style Presentation
  • Enjoy the experience and the gifts we have in store for you!!


How to apply for workshop leader?


Aspiring applicants must send a document via email containing the following information:


  • Personal Details (Name, Surname, Entity, EGEA username, email address, Skype Name, Specialisation and Year of studies)
  • Experience in the topic or with leading workshops
  • Motivation for leading the workshop
  • Ideas for developing the workshop topic
  • A draft programme of how you intend to conduct the introductory and the evaluation workshops (keeping in mind 30 minutes for keynote speakers and also their potential presence/help throughout the introductory workshop)
  • How you intend to deliver a good TedX Talk


The application must be sent to until the 7th November 2018 23:59 CEST.