Why choose Island Life as our congress topic?

Well, Malta is practically the epitome of a Mediterranean Island, and since we were born and raised here on this sunny, wind battered rock, we wanted to give our participants a taste of what makes life on our Island, and others like it, so unique. Given its diverse array of coastal environments, and its epic and vital role through Mediterranean history, Malta has been carved into a centre of culture and tourism. This has caused the species living within it, humans, animals and plants alike, to adapt to a dynamic and rapidly changing environment. Thus, we aim to explore these physiological and behavioural evolutionary changes experienced by the exctinct and current species, as well as the infrastructural and landscape changes experienced by our Islands, in specific locations.


This constant change has been brought about by tectonic and fluvial activity on the natural side, and anthropogenic influence on the social side, trigerring the necessity for adaptation, and thus driving the physical, social and biological elements of the Maltese Islands to evolve in distinct ways. Therefore, a complex and unique geological history, coupled with a long history of political turmoil, has led Maltese environments to evolve in distinct ways, which we are eager to investigate with you this coming April.

Moreover, we attempted to make our congress, especially our workshops, as scientific as possible because we want to conduct real research that can yield real, concrete results. This is our vision for a better EGEA, as we want to exploit and show the full potential of EGEA and its exceptional members, and how we can give something significant back to the community.