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Travelling to Malta

Travelling to our islands is a it limited unfortunately. Unlike to travel to other entities, since we are surrounded by sea, you either need to catch a plane or hop onto a ferry from our neighbour Sicily.

You can reach the island most easily by plane. we have various airlines that serve our only airport (code: MLA) such as Ryanair, Wizzair and our national airline Airmalta. Just for your information, the congress will take place during Easter period, and at this time there is an increase in air traffic, so best to book early!

There is also the option to arrive to our island by ferry from Sicily. Whether it’s cheaper to fly there and get the ferry, or you feel like an road trip adventure, you can find more info about ferries to Malta from

To know more about our Arrival Game and more of how to get to the accommodation, check out the website tabs.