Chaanah Muscat – Main Coordinator

Chaanah has recently completed her bachelor studies in Earth Systems and will be graduating December 2018. Currently taking a gap year from studies to focus on her hobbies and travels. As for her EGEA career, she has been an active member since 2016 having been appointed as CP1, where she first participated in the newbie weekend organised by Helsinki, soon afterwards she also represented EGEA Malta in EMRC 2017, hiked in the Transylvanian alps with other egeans, attended pre-AC and AC 2017, organised the newbie weekend in Malta, attended the summer OSM 2018, organised the Malta beach hopping event, and finally represented Malta again at the AC 2018. During the next year she will also be focusing a lot more on EGEA activities and committees and also organising more exchanges. For any queries or help you can either contact her on facebook or by email at:



Jacqueline Grech Licari – Vice Coordinator, Scientific and Sponsorship Coordinator

Jacqueline is a final year University of Malta student graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Earth Systems in December 2018. She is currently taking a gap year in order to dedicate more time to her hobbies including EGEA, travelling, fitness, outdoor activities, adventure sports, reading and public speaking.  In addition, she is also trying to save up for an MSc in Physical Geography somewhere in Europe starting September 2019. She joined EGEA in 2017 and soon after that she participated in her first EGEA event – the ‘Urban Eco-Solution Cup 2’ organised by EGEA Moscow. Since then she has participated in the AC 2017 in Poland as Workshop Leader, helped in the organisation of the Newbie Weekend 2017 hosted by EGEA Malta as well as attended this year’s Scientific Conference in Czech Republic. Recently, she has also been appointed as CP2 for EGEA Malta and is also looking forward to organising the EMRC and attending all other regional congresses following it this year. Should you require any assistance from her end, do not hesitate to contact her on


Ella Busuttil – Treasurer

Ella has recently obtained her degree in BSc (Hons) Earth Systems. She is currently taking a gap year before enrolling in a masters abroad in a similar field. This summer, she is doing an internship with the Environment and Resource Authority in Malta. Mid 2018 she joined EGEA and is now the treasurer for the upcoming EMRC in April. She enjoys socialising with friends and outdoor activities, such as diving and hiking. She also has a passion for photography, dance, travelling and the environment. Should you need to contact her, you can do so at


Julia Bonello Boissevain – Programme & Participants Coordinator

Julia is an Earth Systems graduate and is taking some time off to figure out what she wants to pursue in her career and her life. She enjoys spending time with friends and also enjoys meeting new people, which is why she plans to travel for a few months to broaden her horizons and get a feel for different cultures. She loves the environment and tries her best to be as environmentally proactive as possible. She is still a new EGEAN and helped out with her first event at the newbie weekend hosted in 2017. She is looking forward to going to other EGEA events (as much as her wallet will permit). Should you need to contact her, you can do so at


Nathan Grech – Day Programme Coordinator

Nathan is a third year student studying for a B.Sc. (Hons) in Earth Systems at the University of Malta. At the moment he is in the process of writing up his thesis on Malta’s national tree. Nathan likes to stay proactive, being involved in another international organisation, in a local University based organisation and is also student representative of his course. He joined EGEA late in 2017 with his first event being the Newbie Weekend 2017. This summer he attended the Sardona Weekend consisting mostly of hiking and the Czechia SciCon 2018. In addition, he also helped organise the Malta Beach Hopping event. He is looking forward to attending further events and congresses. You can contact Nathan on .


Adiel Cuschieri – Night Programme Coordinator 

Adiel is an earth systems graduate taking a gap year before enrolling in a masters program. In the upcoming months she aims to focus on her personal development and learn new skills to help her grow as an individual. She’s madly enthusiastic about the outdoors, travelling, food and just about trying anything new! She’s an active scout member, obsessed on collecting badges and levelling up on skills such as climbing, pioneering, orienteering and first aid and is separately also learning how to dive. Adiel is still considered an EGEA newbie, as she joined in 2017 and since then has only taken part in the  Urban Eco-Solution Cup 2 oversees by EGEA Moscow that same year. However she’s helped the Malta entity in organising the Newbie Weekend in 2017 and the Beach Hopping event in 2018 and is excited to check out events other EGEANs are hosting so that she becomes more active in the community! Should you need to contact her, email her on:


Nicholai Xuereb – Logistics Coordinator

Nicholai has just completed his bachelor’s course at the University of Malta and will graduate with a B.Sc. (Hons) in Earth Systems this December. He is extremely passionate about nature, ecology and conservation so you will often find him accompanied by his trusty camera since he also loves nature photography. In order to raise funds and gain experience for a masters course in conservation, Nicholai is currently taking a gap year, during which he would also like to pursue his other interests such as fitness, hiking and EGEA. Having joined EGEA in 2017, Nicholai has participated in a number of events, however, his favourite is by far the Conquering the Transylvanian Alps Hike 4.0 in Romania, as it was an incredible challenge, and challenges are also one of his passions. Thus, if you have any challenges you need help in conquering, you can contact him on


Andrew Alexander Caruana – Green Coordinator

Andrew is a second year student studying for a B.Sc. (Hons) in Earth Systems at the University of Malta. He is very passionate about nature and the history conservation. Indeed he likes to go climbing on hilltops (and sliding back down the hilltop), in taking lots and lots of photos and plus attending conferences about conservation held by certain NGOs (of which some he is member of). At the moment he is working as an intern with a company called GeoSYS that deals with everything that is ArcGIS related. He is also planning to pursue a career on GIS related issues later on in his life.  He has entered EGEA Malta this year and has been assisting his colleagues with all the necessary planning, particularly tasks and meetings dealing with scientific workshops and accommodation. Till now he has not had the opportunity to attend any EGEA activities, but he looks forward to future events where he intends to socialise and make tons of friends. In addition he is also a student representative in a local University based organisation of his course. Should you require any assistance, feel free to contact him on the following email address:  


Daniel Pavia Livori -Assistant & Newbie

Daniel is a second year student studying for a B.Sc. (Hons) in Earth Systems at the University of Malta. He is also planning to write his thesis on a weather-related topic. Personal interests include learning history, astronomy, understanding nature and drawing. He has just entered EGEA Malta so he has not had the opportunity to help out yet, but he is looking forward to this new adventure and in attending future events. He is excited to meet and make several new friends and ending up socialising with them as well. In addition, he is also very interested in attending scientific conferences and cultural exchanges. Should you require any assistance, feel free to contact him on the following email address: