Miscellaneous Information

Weather Forecast

We will keep a close eye out for weather forecasts for that week, and share accordingly on our Facebook page, although you can also check our own MET office weather station for the latest forecast ( https://www.maltairport.com/weather/7-day-forecast/ ) . Just for your information, April in Malta usually features variable weather, but temperatures can reach highs of 25degC and lows of 15degC, and it can be both rainy and windy, and also sunny.


Packing List

Keeping the programme, accommodation, excursions and the weather in mind, we will share some tips of what to bring with you for your stay here in Malta:

  • Jumper/ rain jacket – just in case the weather is not as good as we hope it will be
  • Beach towel – although at the accommodation there will be towels, we suggest you bring your own towel to take with you to the beach if you plan to stay here any extra days or if you choose to go to the Għadira excursion
  • Sun cream/ After sun – just in case it gets extra sunny, although there will be stores from where to buy these from if you forget/ cannot bring these
  • Water bottle – although tap water in Malta could be considered not good to drink (taste can be slightly different), we would still suggest you bring your own water bottles. At the university campus itself there will be various water fountain stations where you can fill your water bottles from.
  • Food container – for packed lunches for excursion days

… list will be updated from time to time