Some information about the Islands:


The Maltese Islands are an archipelago which lies in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, with a total population of 430,000 people. It also has a total area of 316km2, with the largest island being Malta, with that of 245.73km2, followed by Gozo with 67.07km2 and Comino with 2.78km2 and a few other islands, namely Filfla, Cominotto, Saint Paul’s Islands and Manoel Island.


Some facts about Valletta:

  • Valletta is the Capital City of Malta
  • Has a population of around 6,400 people
  • It was fortified by the knights in 1565-1567
  • It is the European Capital of culture  2018



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Accommodation Location –  Malta/Hal Lija 


The Maltese Islands in the middle of the Mediterranean are made up of three main islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. Malta is the principal island and harbours a unique lifestyle. Due to its small size, Malta retains the traits of a city with restaurants, clubs and bars all less than an hour away from central areas, whilst other areas of Malta have remained traditional and quaint. One can enjoy a walk in the countryside and the quaint aspects of village life. In fact, Ħal Lija – where the accommodation is situated – is a small village with traditional architecture and narrow winding streets.  The Malta University Residence focuses on student clientele during the scholastic year. A pool, running track and restaurant are located on the premises. The rooms all include a shower and a private kitchenette. The residence is comfortable, clean, safe and centrally located.

You can find more about our accommodation on their website: http://universityresidence.com/




Workshop and Regional Meeting Location – The University of Malta 


The location for both our workshops and the regional meeting is our university. This can be found right at the centre of the island, around 20 minutes by car from the accommodation, therefore transport to and from the university should be easy. There is also great facilities at the university, such as comfortable and highly adapted rooms that will make both the workshop and the meetings easy to carry out, whilst edurom wifi is also available. There is also ample space to chill during coffee breaks and for those that feel like exploring the area, the university borders a valley, Wied Għollieq, which is a nature reserve.