Travel information

How to get to Prague: There are many ways how to get to Prague, and we are sure that you won’t have too many problems arranging your trip.

  • By plane: Prague’s Vaclav Havel Airport has connections with many European cities and for people from more distant countries this might be the best choice.
  • By bus: There is quite a rich variety of bus lines between Prague and neighbouring countries. The major companies are Regiojet (, Flixbus ( or Eurolines ( Very likely, this will be the cheapest way how to get here.
  • By train: You can find some connections on the website of Czech Railways or at Interrail. For some (closer) destinations, taking a train might be a good choice, but very often, at least if you book your trip well in advance, flight tickets might be comparable as for price, and the train journey will generally be much longer.

How to get to the Registration and Opening Ceremony:

The registration as well as the Opening Ceremony will be at one of the buildings of Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague. The address is Albertov 6, Praha 2. The closest tram stop is called Albertov, which is only about 3 minute-walk far from the faculty. It is also possible to take metro C (red line) to I.P.Pavlova station or metro B (yellow line) to Karlovo náměstí station, from both these stations it is roughly 15-minute walk to the faculty. The best way how to find your way through Prague is to use the journey planner at the website of Prague public transport provider, or alternatively to use Google Maps.

Please note that you need a ticket for the public transport – there is single ticket for metro, trams and buses, and you can combine these modes of transport as you like. A 32 CZK (ca. 1.15 EUR) ticket is good for 90 minutes of travelling (with unlimited transfers), a 24 CZK (ca. 0.9 EUR) ticket is good for 30 minutes of travelling. You can buy these tickets at the airport, from any machine in metro stations or in almost any newsstand in the city.

Journey from tram station Albertov:


Journey from I.P. Pavlova:


Journey from Karlovo náměstí:



If you’re flying:

There are two terminals at Prague airport: Terminal 1 for flights from countries outside the Schengen area and Terminal 2 for flights from countries within the Schengen area. The trip to the faculty will take about an hour, and is quite complicated since it requires at least two transfers. Generally the best way how to get from the airport is to take bus 119, which takes you to metro station Nádraží Veleslavín. Anyway, the most convenient for you will probably be to use the journey planner mentioned above, type in Albertov as your destination.

If you arrive by bus:

Most buses take you to the central bus station, which will be probably called “Praha, UAN Florenc” on your ticket. This station is by metro station Florenc, and the fastest way how to get to the faculty is to take metro line C to station I.P. Pavlova (3 stops, about 5 minutes) and then walk to the faculty following one of the maps above.

If you arrive by train:

All trains should take you to the main train station (Praha hlavní nádraží). From the station, it is advised to take metro line C, again to station I.P. Pavlova and then take the walk described above.

If you plan on arriving by car, note that there are sufficient parking possibilities just in front of the faculty building. This parking place is paid, but the hourly rate shouldn’t exceed 20 CZK (ca. 0.8 EUR).

After the registration and Opening Ceremony, buses will take us to Hrachov, little village where the congress itself will take place.


Useful videos: You might find the following videos about travelling to and through Prague useful:


DEPARTURE: On the last day of the congress (April 5), there will be buses arranged to take you from Hrachov back to Prague. The exact time when the buses will leave will be specified later – however, if you want to plan your further travels, you can be sure to be back in Prague no later than at 1 – 2 pm on that day. Afterwards, you can travel back home, stay in Prague for a few days or head towards any other EGEA event!


How to get to Hrachov: Getting to Hrachov, the congress venue, using public transport is fairly complicated. On weekdays, there is reasonable connection (with 1 transfer) via Sedlčany few times a day, it can be reached through this link – just fill in exact date and time in the journey planner (in case the link doesn’t work, fill in Hrachov/Svatý Jan as your destination). On weekend, the bus connection is a bit limited – you will have to make use of the bus stop Svatý Jan, Zrůbek, which is about 2.5 kilometres far from the congress venue. You can find the connection again via, fill in “Svatý Jan, Zrůbek” (or copy-paste this) as the destination. You should be able to get there at least two times a day on Saturday or Sunday.

How to get to congress venue from bus stop Svatý Jan, Zrůbek:


You should be able to reach the trip at Google Maps via this link:,14.2878755/RS+Star+Line+Hrachov,+Hrachov,+Dublovice/@49.6686584,14.2861958,14.5z/data=!4m9!4m8!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x470b719b05d95635:0x7f60a98ecb4de7f4!2m2!1d14.3038183!2d49.6600275!3e2?hl=cs

Once again, if possible, please use our arranged buses for arrival to Hrachov and for the departure as well. If, for any reason, you won’t be able to manage and will be forced to travel individually, the above mentioned instructions should get you there. Also, you can always contact us and we will do our best to assist you in case of any troubles. ________________________________________________________________________


If you plan to arrive in Prague a few days before the Opening ceremony, here are some possibilities of accomodation close to Albertov, the venue of the Opening ceremony:

Hostel Centre, Sokolská 29, Praha 2; you can book your stay here

Hostel Cosmopole, Spálená 3, Praha 1; booking can be done via their website (breakfast included in price)

Or you can find an accomodation by yourself, of course. Both the hostels above are within 10 minutes from Albertov.

You can also contact EGEA Praha and ask for the possibility to stay at one of our members. But in such case, please note these spaces are limited and we will handle these requests on a first come, first served basis.