The information provided below were or will be sent to everyone who gets a spot at the congress by e-mail, together with a payment deadline date. Therefore, please, DO NOT PAY UNLESS YOU RECEIVED AN E-MAIL FROM US!

General information

Please note that your spot at the congress is only definite after we have received your payment.

NOTE: If we don’t receive the fee within the date sent to you in an e-mail, you’ll automatically lose your spot and it will go to someone else (of your entity, if applicable). As you already know from registration procedure, the participant fee is 102 €. In case you ordered a t-shirt (8 €) we kindly ask you to add the 8 € to your participant fee, so it will raise to 110 € then, and pay everything together.


(note that you may not need all of the information below for the payment)

Bank name: Equa bank, a.s.

Bank address: Karolinská 661/4, 186 00, Praha 8, Česká republika

Beneficiary: Vít Volný

Beneficiary address: Vršovická, 808/30, Praha 10, Česká republika

Account number (IBAN): CZ0861000000001022359262


Amount: 102 € (without T-shirt) / 110 € (with T-shirt)

[For Czechs – číslo účtu: 1022359262/6100; částka: 2756 Kč (bez trička), 2972 Kč (s tričkem)]