Dutch Experience – Island Edition

Organizer: EGEA
Location: (Map)
Open for: Max 10 Dutch Geographers and 20 Geographers from all over Europe

Travel information

By Plane
There are several airports in the region that can be interesting for you to fly on. Easiest connections can be found from Eindhoven Airport and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Eindhoven Airport
This airport is known as the airport for low-budget airlines in The Netherlands. Ryanair flies to 19 destinations from here, including Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Oslo and London Stansted. Wizzair flies to the Central- and Eastern European cities of Sofia, Katowice, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Warsaw, Prague, Budapest, Belgrade and Vilnius.
You can take the bus from the airport to the train station of Eindhoven called Eindhoven Centraal. This is the bus with number 401. From the station, it’s possible to take the train to Amsterdam Central Station. The costs of this trip by bus and train will be around €20,-.

Amsterdam Schiphol airport

This is the main international airport for The Netherlands and the 3rd largest airport in Europe. There are flights to all European countries. If you book early, flights can be very affordable. From Schiphol you can take the train to Amsterdam Central Station, which will cost around €4,-.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Over 40 destination can be reached from this Airport. It’s located in the west of the Netherlands. You can take a look on the website to see from which countries they departure: http://www.rotterdamthehagueairport.nl/.
From Rotterdam Airport you can take the bus to Rotterdam Central Station. From there several trains departure to Amsterdam Central Station. The costs of this travel will be around €16,-. You can’t take the subway or the tram because you have to have a special traveling pass for this.

City Airport Bremen

From Groningen it’s easy to travel to Bremen Airport. So this Airport is most convenient to book your travel home. Ryan Air flies from this airport so it’s possible to book an inexpensive flight. From Central Station Groningen busses departure to Bremen Airport. This bus takes you directly to the airport in almost 3 hours.