Dutch Experience – Island Edition

Organizer: EGEA
Location: (Map)
Open for: Max 10 Dutch Geographers and 20 Geographers from all over Europe


Erik Jansen, EGEA Utrecht

Hi there my name is Erik Jansen, member of the Events committee.

  • Favourite holiday destination? That’s difficult to decide. There are a lot of countries on my must see list, but from the countries I have visited Italy is my favorite. I’ve been there two times; in Rome and in Venice. The thing I like about Italy is the weather of course. In combination with the laid back life style in the delicious food it provides the perfect holiday.
  • With which landscape would you identify yourself? I’ve really studied on this question. After a difficult analysis and some introspection I came out on the Savanna landscape. Dry with some trees.
  • What typical dutch characteristics do you have? I only drink beer when going out, I eat cheese almost every day, I’m quiet tall. But maybe the most Dutch thing about me is my surname, which is Jansen. It’s a very common name in Holland.
  • What is your favorite Dutch city?I don’t have to think about this question. For me there are three cities in Holland. First Culemborg. This is my home-town and still like to go there in the weekends when in need some rest. The second is Utrecht. Utrecht is quite near to Culemborg and it has always been the city where we went to for shopping and stuff. Now I live in Utrecht as well. But there is one city in Holland which always fascinated me, this is Rotterdam. They have beautiful football team there as well.


Rosan op den Kelder, EGEA Utrecht

I would like to introduce myself as a member of the Event committee which arranged this special event for you! I am Rosan op den Kelder, a first year student of Human Geography and Planning in her first year of her twenties. I will  describe myself geographically by answering the following questions:

  • What is your favorite holiday destination?
    I love camping! From ever since I was little my parents took my brothers and me to several campsites in different countries. The first camping experience I can remember was in Belgium, in the Ardennes. It is the most primitive campsite one could image, which made it the best to spend the holiday. We could set up our tent near the river, which we had to cross with a rubber boat to get to the woods and chop some wood for the campfire. We’d just hang around near the tent all day, cook on the campfire and swim in the lake. We spend a lot of happy holidays there, so I would call this my favorite destination.
  • With which landscape would you identify yourself? Deciduous Forest.  Deciduous Forest. As various seasons mark the view of the forest, the same variability can be experienced with me. Though, these seasons are not extremely cold or extremely hot, likewise with my mood. Summer makes me spontaneous and impulsive, a side effect of being very content with life and sometimes extremely joyous for no special reason. This is similar with the deciduous forest because it needs the summer sun and warmth to fully flourish.
  • What typical Dutch characteristics do you have? Quite tolerant but fairly strict. I am always in a rush and I try to be punctual, whereby my attempts are almost always successful.
  • What is your favorite Dutch city? My favorite Dutch city is by no doubt Utrecht. I fell in love with it the first time I toured the city with my bike, now about 9 months ago.

Yte Elbrich, EGEA Utrecht

Hello everyone! My name is Yte Elbrich and I’m from Utrecht. I’m a first year Human Geography and Planning student and a proud member of the Event Committee of EGEA Utrecht. By answering a few questions I hope you will get to know me a little bit better.

  • First: What’s my favourite holiday destination? That’s a difficult one. When I was younger my parents always took us to the Scandinavian countries and in the winter to the mountains in Austria. I have had some wonderfull holidays there and I still love the beautiful nature and lovely people in these countries, going there always brings good memories back! When I was around sixteen years old I went backpacking for the first time. I did some backpack trips around Europe and that made me discover that every country in Europe has it’s own beautiful things to do and to see. One of the countries which suprised me the most was Portugal, so let’s say that’s my favourite holiday destination.
  • With which landscape would you identify yourself? I think I can identify myself with two kinds of landscapes one where it’s a little cold (like tundra) and a landscape which is warmer, like the savanna. I’m a calm person and I love cold weather and snow (so that I can go skiing or ice skating!) but I can also be very enthusiastic and busy with different kind of things, sunny weather and high temperatures can also make me very happy.
  • What typical Dutch characteristics do you have? Well, first I’m blond and I have blue eyes so I guess that’s quite Dutch. I do love stroopwafels, kroketten, cycling and watching the Dutch football team play their games so that’s aswell Dutch about me. On the other hand, I’m always late and tulips are not my favourite flowers so there are some exceptions.
  • Last but not least; What is your favorite Dutch city? Ofcourse, Utrecht is the place where I spent the most time and I love being there. But I have some other favorites, and one of them is the city Leeuwarden. I grew up in the North of the Netherlands (the province is called ‘Friesland’, and the capital is Leeuwarden). It is a small and cosy city and when I’m going to my parents it’s always a good place to catch up with friends.

 Tijmen Polman, EGEA Utrecht

Hey EGEAn, my name is Tijmen Polman, board member of EGEA Utrecht and also CP1. Besides being a board member, I am also a fourth year student Human Geography and Planning at Utrecht University. With answering the following questions, you will have a better idea what kind of geographer I am.

  • Favourite holiday destination?  For sure Australia. I spend there seven months during my exchange semester abroad. Australia has a very diverse landscape, which makes the country unique. Great cities, laidback people, who prefer surfing instead of working. Definitely a country where I could live.
  • With which landscape would you identify yourself? I can identify myself most with the, Deciduous Forest landscape. That is because I think life has different kind of aspects, like the seasons have as well.
  • What typical dutch characteristics do you have? An Australian exchange student said once, “Tijmen you are the most Dutch person I have met”. She explained it by saying, that I am tall (not for Dutch standards though) and that I have blond curly hair. Moreover I feel Dutch when I go abroad, from the first minute I miss the good Goudse Cheese and also the chocolate sprinkles (you can try them at the Dutch Experience as well).   
  • What is your favorite Dutch city? Dom city, Utrecht (a bus driver translated once the name in ‘Stupid city’, because ‘dom’ means ‘stupid’, although it refers to the Cathedral Tower city). However the city is not stupid at all, it is a student paradise! You have great places to go out, a cosy historical inner city, a bikeable city, and the city’s atmosphere on a summer day is just epic.