1. “Avalanches” in Tourism

by Vane Urh (Koper) & Luka Gregorič (Koper)



Here you will spend some crazy time with (at least two) Slovenians on the workshop regarding tourism.
Firstly you will be presented some multimedia material, which will then be connected with avalanches in tourism of your country. We will find new solutions and products that will help improve EGEA, Romania, Brasov & Timisoara in sustainable matters.


2. Contested Landscapes of Rural Tourism

by Peder Osmoen (Trondheim) & Asgeir Stensrud (Trondheim)

PederAukrustOsmoen_pictureThe title of our workshop is “Contested landscapes of rural tourism”. Tourism in rural areas, in different kinds of cultural and natural landscapes, is gaining popularity. By that tourism is becoming of greater importance for the economy of rural areas, and thus it’s also a growing field of concern environmentally, (socio-)economically and culturally. The main idea of the workshop is to discuss what type of rural landscape that is most appreciated by tourists and in thatworkshop_picture1 connection also by the tourist industry.

 Our angle of work will be the landscape as seen from the tourist’s and    tourist operator’s eye, and with “most appreciated” landscape we mean the aesthetic perception of the landscape. What kind of landscapes tourists like to view and discover, and if the tourist operators follow this reasoning in their search for an economic and environmentally sustainable tourist industry. We will also see if there are differences between tourists and tourist operators from different areas in Europe in which type of visual landscapes and landscape elements they appreciate and emphasize most. With landscape elements, we mean all kind of components, both natural and cultural, that together constitute to the landscape we see.

asgeir_pictureIn the last part of the workshop we will look at threats of the landscapes of rural tourism and workshop_picture2 consider different types of practises and preventive actions to keep the landscape in a state appreciated by the tourists and the rural tourist industry. As a common thread throughout the workshop we will question ourselves about the authenticity of the landscapes, and also the perceptions and interests of other users of the rural landscape.

As a workshop participant, we will ask you to bring some tourist brochures of rural tourism in your home region. And since the congress is placed in the tourist destination of Predeal, it’s an excellent opportunity to also use this landscape as an example, and move a bit outside to get some direct impressions from a physical landscape.


3. Ecology vs. Profit: Can they both win in tourism?

by Ksenia Gavrilova (Saint-Petersburg) & Robbert Kramer (Utrecht)

ksenia robbertksenia wsThe tourist sector has grown massively in the 20th century, each year more than 900 million people go on holiday. This form of mass tourism has an huge impact on the local environment, but many countries are dependent on tourism. In some way, governments need to find a balance between on the one hand profit and on the other hand ecology.  The focus of this workshop will be on the current debates in tourism about the struggle between ecology in tourism. How can we find a balance between ecology and profit within tourism? Is there a way to make tourism more sustainable and reduce the impact on the local environment? The goal of this workshop is to find an answer on these questions and to think about possible solutions. So are you interested in ecology, profit and tourism. Join this workshop!



4. Natural Hazards and Tourism

by Daniel Buis (Zurich) and Simon Schudel (Zurich)

buis ws
10420549_682937855106590_957504560_oWe would like to work out problems that touristic areas in alpine mountain areas face in terms of natural hazards, focussing on mass movements such as snow avalanches, mudflows or rockfalls. Also, we would like to discuss possible solutions to these problems that do not interfere with tourism – for example, avalanche protection does help against snow, but does also blight the landscape around a tourist resort.
In the beginning, we will give a short input about natural hazards in mountains and talk about a few case studies. Then we will try to find solutions using mindmaps, interactive discussions etc.


5. Sustainable Tourism

by Iris Van Steenbergen (Utrecht) & Roxane Verhoeff (Utrecht)

1975082_10202554493202281_2379354145311593070_n10153716_10202620325168039_6516229935603504296_nEco-tourism, or sustainalbe tourism, is getting more and more popular in the tourist sector all overEurope. In some regions more than others, but it is in the rise. During this workshop, we will look at the different developments in different regions and discuss why these differences exist. We will explain what sustainable tourism is, why it is important, and how it could be further developped. After the theorectical part, we will put our knowledge into work! We will do a few case studies, in wich we will try to find consensus and solutions to a problem concerning touism in different (proctected) natural areas. How do you make tourism possible without hurting nature? That is the main question we will try to answer during this workshop.

6. GIS Workshop

by Sandric Ionut – ESRI Romania representative

DSC_0027In this workshop the presenters show how and why you can use ArcGIS Online to host GIS web services and create Web GIS applications. Hosted services scale to meet demand and can be used to extend your GIS capabilities. You can take advantage of your ArcGIS Online site to make your services available to specific groups or to the general public. The presenters also demonstrate best practices for authoring maps using ArcGIS for Desktop, and then publishing your maps to ArcGIS Online as a hosted service. You will learn how to enable a web map with editing capabilities that support both browser and desktop editors.