1. Procrastination

by Ana-Maria Taloș (Bucharest)

Ana-Maria Talostalos wsThe topic about procrastination is new, but the fact is very present in daily life routine. We tend to delay important things in favour of small and unimportant things. The reasons are different from person to person, but there are some techniques in order to avoid procrastination. The training will include a small presentation about the meaning of the word, some examples of areas in which we procrastinate, some techniques to avoid it, and some interactive games on this topic.




2. Communication in conflict situations

by Claudia Rock (Tubingen)

claudi“I cannot deal with you and your stupid ideas any more!”
“Shut up and fuck off.”
“Why do you think you are the boss around here?”
“That’s a shit idea. But I did not expect anything else from someone like you…”

… ever came across one of those sentences in your entity, committee work, or event organisation?

As EGEA is a nonprofit organisation working with volunteer work, there is a lot potential form of conflict in entities, in committee work, and in event organising. To be able to deal with these conflicts because they get into the way of work should be one of the most important skills of every EGEAn.
conflictThe training aims to work together with participants‘ experience towards an improved communication in conflicts. As all of us have experienced conflicts in EGEA, and we will re-visit some them to look into techniques of how to deal with them, and also how to avoid them.

At the end of the training you will:
– know about what kind of communicative type you are in a conflict situation and what impact that has on people, and how people impact you
– understand how communciation and the use of “wrong” communication can influence conflicts
– know how to deal with struggles before they turn into conflict.


3. Organizational Management

by Milda Latakaite (Vilnius)


The easiest = creative way to facilitate ideas, create effective team, develop projects and make sure that you will get successful.

– Are you managing group of people or willing to discover more about this topic?

– If You are wondering: How to be more efficient and effective? How to engage your organization to do more with less? How to create long lasting change? How to bring your team together not only for work but also the behaviours, roles, skills, etc.?

– Do you struggle with getting other people interested in your ideas?

– Have you ever had project which failed or situation where stress took over and you lost it?2

If you said “Yes” for at least one question, you definitely should read further and apply to this training session!

During this training session we will work with Organizational/Project management itself, Group dynamics, Creative confidence and will touch some of conflict management. We will have session where we ALL will be able to build our own ideas, find out our own path to effectiveness and confidence.

Source of pictures: , .


4. Entity Management

by Nadine Vermeulen (Utrecht) & Tijmen Polman (Utrecht)

tijmen nadineTraining Entity ManagementEntity Management is crucial for the wellbeing of EGEA as a whole, since every entity forms a unique piece to the EGEA network. Together we can strengthen our beloved association consisting of an interesting mix of geographers from over 25 countries! In the training ‘Entity Management’ we will introduce you into theory about entity management. Our aim is to bring our knowledge and that of all the participants together and provide you with new insights in how to manage your entity even better.

What you can expect from the training: an interactive part about leadership management, making you aware of your own qualities and ambitions, theory about entity management (e.g. how to create a well working partnership with your home university or why archiving is crucial for having a sustainable entity) and finally implementing the knowledge what we have gained into the fictitious entities which we will create during the training. If you would like to get new insights in the entity management, then subscribe and join our training!


5. Fundraising Training

by External Trainers

catsDo you have a great idea for an event but don’t know how to finance it?

Are you a congress organizer in 2015 and searching for new sponsors?

Are you considering to become a member of the Fundraising Committee?

Or do you just want to learn how to approach the next brewery to sponsor you with a barrel of beer for your next Party?

In all these cases you should join this Training to learn new ways and strategies how to get in contact with companies, organizations and potential sponsors. You will learn how to prepare yourself and your event to be attractive for sponsors. How to approach companies in the right way and to stand out of the mass of other fundraisers. And how you finally seal the deal, realize your event and follow up with your sponsor to have a long-term cooperation!

The skills are provided in this training will not just help you in your active membership as an EGEAn but also in your future Life by getting in contact with companies and learn how to sell yourself.