After AC

After-AC in Bucharest10374381_762440490447093_1822592214_n

Hello EGEAns, we are very happy to invite you to After-AC in Bucharest.

At this wonderful event you will get to discover our city in a non-formal way, you will learn about Bucharest’s history and experience its nightlife, so we’ve prepared lots of surprises for you.

We are waiting for you in our beautiful city, the capital of Romania, known as the city of contrasts between architectural periods and historical ages. Have a taste of Bucharest’s unique blend of East and West!

Come and join us for the After-AC!


Period: 18-21 September (Thursday – Sunday)

Number of participants: 25

Price: 55 euro;

Transfer from congress place is not included.

Period of registrations:  10th June – 30th June


Program starts on Day 1 with dinner at 19.30

Trains from congress location to Bucharest:

Predeal – București Nord

10:15-12:10 InterCity

14:15-16:05 InterCity

14:53-17:09 InterRegio

15:13-18:20 Regio

16:56-19:06 InterRegio

Prices for trains with no reduction (updated in May):

IC 52.5 lei ~ 11.8 euro

IR 41 lei ~ 9.25 euro

R 19 lei ~ 4.3 euro