Congress Coordinator
391676_412050128862032_708504197_nHi! My name is Marius Vidac and since I was 19, I have joined EGEA Timisoara, one of the strongest associations in Romania and one of the most powerful entities in EGEA.
Currently I am following a Master program on Tourism Planning at the West University of Timisoara where I also obtained my Bachelor Degree.
In 2011 I became the president of EGEA Timisoara and Contact Person #1 for two years. One of my biggest plan of the second mandate was to organise the Annual Congress in 2014. As a president of EGEA Timisoara I was the organiser of more than 20 events on both local and international plan, one of the most important being Eastern Regional Congress in 2011.
I was the one who came up with the idea to organise the Annual Congress 2014, and I believe that this would be the climax that any other EGEA entity think about. Even though this represents a huge challenge for me, I am certain that I will successfully overcome any obstacle that I will have to face.
I was born in 1991 in Lugoj, also a city near Timisoara. I like to travel, fruits and drawing.
As person I am sociable, I enjoy parties, I never give up for nothing and I am well-organised. I like to work with a team, due to my leader skills I possess.
I hope Annual Congress 2014 will be the best congress in EGEA`s history and I am sure that this will be as I was expecting from the very beginning.
Do not miss the chance to be with us at Predeal between 13th and 18th of September 2014 at the biggest and most important event of this year.

Congress Vice-coordinator & Media Coordinator47280_2571580665142_890505588_n
Hello! My name Andrei Slusarciuc and I do not know what to begin with, who ever thought it is so hard to write a few lines about yourself? :( What I know for sure that I have to support Marius and the other from organisation team as much as I can so we can offer to you a memorable congress.
I spend 90% of my free time in the mountains, where I am also a volunteer ranger. My field of research is the Environmental Science and I try to get involved as much as I can in nature conservation in the Carpathians.
The place where I dream to be someday is in the Himalayas to climb the 8000 metres peak.
I got involved in EGEA since my first year of studying and for the last two years I am the Internal Vice-president of our entity. In the last summer I was leading one of the hardest event ever organised in EGEA, Conquer the Transylvanian Alps Expedition.
Until the Annual Congress I will go on a mountain expedition in Caucasus all by myself. What for? Because I want to take the our congress’ T-Shirt on the highest point from Europe.

Scientific Coordinator

The hardest thing for me is to describe myself. I guess it is because it is hard to be objective when talking about oneself. I will make an effort, so my name is Diana Andrei, I am 21 years old and I truly believe I have chosen the most suitable faculty for me, namely Geography.
I have loved Geography since childhood (always interested in stars, constellations and sky in general). Hence, I can combine my skills and my passion at the same time. That seems to be perfect since it is hard nowadays to find the best option in life. I have heard of EGEA while participating in a geography competition in high school – I have got interested immediately so here I am now: one of the scientific organisers of the 2014 Annual Congress. The idea of taking part in EGEA makes me complete in a certain way because it made and makes me get involved in a newly and totally different experience.

One of my hobbies (that I would like to include in my future job) is travelling. One of the most important is that I had been on a 10-month stay in Paris due to an ERASMUS scholarship last year. I love watching foreign people and their habits, culture, traditions and way of life. I love the mountains but also the seaside, I love both summer and winter and also sports. Some other interests of mine would be playing piano, taking pictures, hiking and animals… My biggest passion is though figure skating which I practice on my own when I can (especially in winter).
I am a sociable person because I get to know and interact with new people and enlarge my skills. So I cannot wait to see you in September!!!

Scientific Coordinator1454816_429484510507053_116205353_n

My name is Mihai Radu Jula and I am one of the scientific coordinators of the congress. So workshops, trainings and also the scientific symposium will be my responsibility. Difficult?!
I am 26 years old and I am from Timisoara. After graduating high school, I have studied chemistry engineering and for the moment I work as a chemistry teacher in a village near Timisoara, but Geography was always my big passion and last year I felt the need to accomplish this dream. This is my second year in EGEA and I am very happy and proud to be part of this organisation.
About me and what I like… let’s start with travelling, hiking, spending time with friends, reading, listening to good music, photographing landscapes and teaching.
About my personality: I am sometimes very extrovert and other times very shy, I am generally a talkative person, and I am always supporting the truth.



Hi!! My name is Alexandra Trușcă, but a lot of people are calling me Ale. I am from Timisoara, I am 22 years old, I have studied Geography (specialisation in Environmental Science) and
I always liked math and working with money, so I am the Treasurer of this congress. My main tasks are to ensure that no money is spent to no end and also to find sponsors that can help us preparing a good and organised congress.
When I was little I did many sports, including fencing for 2 years (it was my favorite sport). I love pizza, coffee, travelling and reading.
What you should know about me is that I am a person with a sense of humor, stubborn, meticulous, very judgmental and optimistic.




alina websiteHi!! I am Alina-Ştefania Roşoiu, and I am 20 years old. I am from Targu-Jiu but I study Geography at West University of Timisoara and now I live in Timisoara. I joined in EGEA Timisoara in 2013 so this is my first year. At the Annual Congress I am responsibile for fundraising. Since I was a little girl I liked working with money so I think this “job” at our congress is perfect to me.

About me I like to do many things but I like very much cooking, reading and spending time with my friends. I can say that I am a sociable person, ambitious and a little stubborn, but I am well-organised and I like to work with a team. Not the least I like skiing and swimming. See you at the Congress.

Excursion Coordinator
198943_572364732804018_188504337_nSalut! My name is Sebastian Cojocariu and I am responsible with coordinating all excursions, by helping other with the program, routes and motivation.
I am 19 years old and I was born in Arad, a city nearby Timisoara. After graduating high school in Arad, I came to Timisoara for studying Geography, especially territorial planning. This is my first year in EGEA and I already had lots of good experiences from which I find out a lot of useful things that will help me in organising this congress.
I played 11 years football in my hometown, but I have been retired because I need more time to successfully finnish my studies. Now I am only a referee in the fourth league of our country.
About my personality… I am a calm and very sociable person. I am ambitious and I have a big trust in my powers, I like to make things perfect. As hobbies I can ennuerate music, video games, history and watching comedies.

Excursion Coordinator1175370_178218529028599_1567183461_n
My name is Alexandru Blaga and I am the excursion coordinator. So, together with Andrei and Sebastian have to ensure that all excursions are well planned without any mistake.
I am 20 years old and I am from Resita but I study Geography in Timisoara, my specialisation being territorial planning. I am enrolled in EGEA for two years. Until now I can say that I have seen all the European countries and my favourite is Switzerland. In the future I hope to be able to travel worldwide or at least a part of it.
I can say that I have a good deal of passions: journeys, mountains (my biggest satisfaction being when I get on top and I can admire the entire landscape), winter sports (especially skiing), photography, races and video games.
I am by nature a very sociable person, I am making friends very fast and I can easily addapt into groups who offered a good company.


Public Relations & Participants
1003557_590513170987684_272457622_nHello! My name is Ovidiu Copăceanu and I am known by all my friends as Ovi. My role in this congress is to ensure that all your needs and problems will be first on our priority list. Also, I
have to ensure that you are well informed about all the details you need to know before you arrive at our congress place.
I am 20 years old and I was born in Resita, a city next to Timisoara. Because my hometown is quite small and does not offer too much opportunities to develop your future, I decided to move in Timisoara so I can offer myself a huge change to apply for a bright future. I just follow my passion for geography and without any doubts I chose tourism as main specialisation to study. Here, discovering EGEA since 2 years, I developed my personal skills and want to give my best in organising this congress. Why? Because I consider this the apogee every egean dreamed about and I do not want to miss this occasion to show my gratefulness to you!
As Gemini are born travellers by nature I will not stop to explore the world until I reach it ends! On my ‘must visit countries’ list I want to check Iceland, Madagascar and Maldives in the near future. Many thanks to EGEA that I could travel to Switzerland or Denmark, where I hope to study for obtaining a Master Degree.
About myself, I can say that I am a trustful and ambitious person, who you can always rely on especially on difficult moments. Also, I do not want to let things unfinished even I have to face a lot of difficulties on the process. I am very friendly and I like to laugh. A lot!
As my hobbies I can enumerate football, photography, video games and watching to best TV Series!

Leisure activities
1509958_469481083163225_1451858910_nHello! My name is Claudiu Daniel Filimon, I am 20 years old, I am from Arad, a beautiful city but I study in Timisoara. I am responsible for the socialising and teambuilding games all over the congress for keeping you in a good mood here. Also, I am one of the city tour guides.
I was born in July, meaning that my zodiac sign is cancer. As a hobby, I like traveling, discovering new places ,traditions and cultures. I also like cooking, volleyball, spending lots of time with
my family and friends and mountain hiking. These things are probably the main reasons that made me choose geography, more exactly territorial planning. For me, the silence of the mountain and the rush of the city are things that make my world go round.
My favorite food would be chocolate and other sweets. I guess my friends would easily tag me as a gourmand. As a role model I would take my mom because for me, she is a strong and confident person. In the near future I see myself as an entrepreneur, developing new bussinesses in the green planning
of the cities and involving other youngsters. I think the motto that would define me would be ”You must
be the change you wish to see in the world”.


Evening program


Hello! I am Bogdan Gutu and I will be the evening program coordinator and also the coordinator of one excursion. So, be prepared for the parties and for having a great time together! Few weeks before the congress starts I will send to you all details you need to know for every party.

I am 20 years old and I am from Lupeni, a small city in Hunedoara county. I study Geography in Timisoara , especially the tourism geography. This is my first year in EGEA and I already had lots of good experiences from which I have learned a lot of useful things that will help me in organising this congress and already gave me a lot of determination to do it.
My hobbies are football, geography ,videogames and dancing. Also I like to spend my time with my friends, because I am a very sociable person.