Scientific Conference 2019

Location: Paris (Map)
Date: 03/09/2019 - 07/09/2019
Open for: Everyone

Date: 03/09/2019 – 07/09/2019

Location: France – Paris

Description :


This year’s edition of the Scientific Conference is organized by EGEA Paris and will take place in the city of light itself. We have decided to focus on hydrology and water management since it is the main specialty of our Geography Department in the University of Paris-Nanterre. We do a mix of physical and human geography so those of you who aren’t that into physical geography don’t need to worry. We will look at many aspects of this subjects such as how society is managing water ressources and what impact does that have on our planet and its population.


Our generation is witnessing the drying up of fresh water supplies, rising sea levels due to climate change, population growth that is straining the world’s ressources and increasing tensions in diplomatic relations. Water is being called “the new oil” since water demands are expected to go up 55% before the year 2050. Together we will tackle all these issues and look at strategies for more sustainable development.


During the event we have also planned to include several tours of the city guided by our CP2 who works as a tour guide and other students majoring urban studies who will teach your about the history of the city and give you a geographical point of view on how the urban space is organized and explain the complicated social environment and some of the issues it produces. We are planning for this to be a very diverse event since geography is a multidisciplinary discipline and the presence of participants focusing on different fields will help us have a more interesting approach to the subject and propose realistic solutions.


Now for some practical information :


The participation fee is set at 90€ but we are looking at more possible funding options which, if approved, will allow us to bring the fee down. We have the option of using our school’s facilities but also a conference room and some smaller study rooms for workshops are available at the accommodation. Registration will start right after registration for the AC2019 ends, on May 11th and will go on until May 31st.


Don’t miss out on registering and join us in Paris for a few days of learning and exploring with other geographers. Don’t forget to check our Facebook page where we will post updates about our scientific program during registration period. More information will be added soon to this page, for any questions feel free to write to us at









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