Pre-AC: Forgotten City

Location: Ostrava (Map)
Date: 13/09/2019 - 16/09/2019

Date: 13/09/2019 – 16/09/2019

Location: Czechia – Ostrava, Kranichova 8


“The Steel Heart of the Republic”, “Black Star” and newly: “Forgotten city” – these are many nicknames, which Ostrava acquired throughout history. From a small village, the city exploded in population by the end of nineteenth century and grown to the third largest  in the Czech lands. All of this thanks to one key commodity – coal. However this ingredient of miraculous growth brought even its curse as mining and industry reshaped the environment, mentality and even future progress of the whole region.

From “golden age of work” and growth to massive depopulation and economic decline – the city and its people has struggled throughout difficult changes in approach towards modern demands, reshaping its industrial herritage.  While leaving history behind, to what extent all of this can be successful?

We sincerely invite all of you to take participation in this pre-AC event. There is no limit, whether you are a beginning geographer or advanced student – this event is customized for everybody. You can look forward to two-day excursions with skilled geographers, minigames and chill orgateam. Those four days will include (not only) four main topics:


  1. Geography of industrial revolution: spatial and temporal progression of industrialisation in the region
  2. Lost communities: miners, jews, prospectors, adventurers, forced laborers…you may hear about them
  3. The story of coal fever: origins, benefits and power of coal to “bless then curse” its environment
  4. Human heavy impact: examples of how far can humans go to permanently alter landscape in an industrial region


Number of participant: 20-25 lovely Egeans (we can even enlarge the number, it all depends on you)

Participation fee: 55 EUR (covering accomodation, breakfast, snacks, dinners, excursions)

What to bring: good mood, good shoes (terrain) and some small change for your expenses and souvenirs…and beer


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