Post-Soviet dacha: not a village, not a city and not a suburb

Location: Kherson (Map)
Date: 17/05/2019 - 20/05/2019


Date: 17.05.2019 – 20.05.2019

Location: Ukraine – Kherson, Universitetska st., 27)

Description: Many Ukrainian families have their own homes in the countryside, where they come in summer to relax or to grow plants. This countryside people call “dacha”.
During the three-day stay in the summer cottage on the Dnieper, we want to figure out what the phenomenon of “dacha” is. For this, we gather participants from other regions and countries in order to find out what cultural differences are key to it with the help of an “outside look”.
For three days we will study the natural landscapes of the Dnieper Delta in the Kherson region, the structure of the summer massifs, the features of the country “way of life”: country rest and country work, country fashion, country food and country myths.


The program will include some special thematic activities:
The most amazing activity is a walk along the Dnieper River on local courts of various types, even like slippers. The daily practices that we have prepared for you allow to feel like a real resident of “dacha”. This is fishing, cooking of famous fishermen soup – soup on the fire, country “struggle for survival” and more. Interesting occupations are “country games” and “dachna vatra”. You will find out other things during our event, and now catch the photos of residents of “dacha” who wave at you and wait for a visit :)



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