Midnight Sun

Location: Bardufoss (Map)
Date: 30/06/2014 - 09/07/2014
Open for: All

Date: 30/06/2014 – 09/07/2014

Location: Asgeirs farm, Luneborg, in Målselv muncipality, Troms, Norway.

Price: 195 Euro, sorry, it’s Norway ;)

Participants: 10 (+ 2 organizers)


This year’s happening can not only be found in Norway, we also believe it is also the most northern EGEA Event arranged so far. EGEA Trondheim with Asgeir and Joakim are proud to invite you to: The Midnight Sun event this june/july. Connected to this event there’ll also be a Pre- and After-event (Roadtrip) with Joakim. The Pre-Event will go from Trondheim to Troms through most of Northern-Norway while the After-event goes through Sweden along the Gulf of Bothnia. More info on this will come later.

Basecamp: Luneborg (Asgeirs farm), in Målselv municipality, Troms (Northern Norway). While we’re not in the far north of Norway we’re still at a pretty decent latitude of 69 degrees north. Other places that can be found at this latitude are the Kola Peninsula in Russia, Greenland and Alaska.

Due to weather conditions, mechanical problems (read; Joakims crappy car) and other unknown circumstances that might happen we reserve the right to make changes and come up with ad hoc solutions during this event. Common problems we hope to face are summer snow closing the mountain passes, the cars breaking down while crossing the mountains, moose collisions and other fun stuff that will make this trip memorable.

Registration is closed, but we still have room for 1 participant. Contact JT if you’re interested.

Pre-event is fully booked.

It is still possible to join the after event.

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Midnight Sun
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