Kieler Woche Event vol.3

Location: Kiel (Map)
Date: 23/06/2016 - 26/06/2016
Open for: Love <3

Date: 23/06/2016 – 26/06/2016                                                                                                                                                                                                     CWLWaNdXAAAJuWt

Location: Germany – Kiel

Price: 55€


The “Kieler Woche” is the biggest summer and sailing event in Europe, with more than 3mio. guests from all over the world.
Around 2000 activities are offered by the city inbetween nine days and we want to invite you to explore all these attractions with us.
You will be hosted by EGEA Kiel, directly in the city centre and we will offer you the chance to get inspired by the scientific and cultural part of this event.
In the evenings you have the possibility to join free concerts and all will end with an impressive firework above the “Kieler Förde”, which will happen on sunday evening.



  • Arrival until 4p.m.
  • Party at the Bavarian Tent


  • Lecture
  • Exploring the Kieler Woche
  • Concerts


  • Windjammerparade
  • Day at the beach
  • BBQ


  • Brunch
  • relaxed day program
  • departure / firework


We are really happy to tell you, that we will have some special guests from EGEA Brno, who will be in the city at the same time <3 You will get further info about this after your arrival.

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