Izmir Culture Week 2019

Location: Izmir (Map)
Date: 01/05/2019 - 05/05/2019

Date: 01/05/2019 – 05/05/2019

Location: Turkey – İzmir, Bornova)

Description: EGEA Izmir has the pleasure to organize the Izmir Culture Week – 2019. Ever been to Turkey? Well this is you’re chance to visit one of the most beautiful city in the Mediterranean “IZMIR”. Egea Izmir welcomes all our Egean friends for a fab four days under the sun with fun packed cultural week. We will visit several different places including “Kadifekale” which even saw the times Sezar would tweet about Cleopatra, Kızlarağası where you can explore a Turkish bazaar, drink Turkish coffee and eat Turkish delight. Following a trip to Izmir clock tower, Museums, the ancient city Bergama,
churches, wine and Çeşme castle all of which you will get acquianced with Izmir/Turkish history and culture. Also you’ll have time to cool of at the Beach and perhaps maybe even get a sun tan. We have also planned a Relax night, Turkish night and plenty more fun.
Izmir is a bridge for every culture and religion since b.c.3000.

Hope to host you all…


Our adventure will start by meeting you at the Airport
We will continue by exploring the unique and historical beauties of Izmir! Izmir aka A city full of culture, traces of different religions with its churches and singagos, and communities which lived together in harmony.
Thanks to the city tour we have planned for you, you won’t be going home without seeing the places that are a must. As we will all be tired after all this sightseeing, we will rest. But the night is ours.
Then having rested our bodiesi, we’ll start working our brains. Yes, with the conference …
We are going to have a conference at school and after we will have some fun the Turkish way. Be careful alcohol isn’t your friend but Raki can be a good secretkeeper!
We’ll also get the chance to go in the sea at Çeşme aka Paradise. And YES swim in the sea in May. ;)
After our beach fun at Çeşme and falling in love with the place, you will get to end the day by enjoying Bostanlı’s romantic sunset!
And by visiting the ancient city Bergama you will get to feel the historical atmosphere and get lost in the it . In the evening you’ll get to know the Beyonce’s and Elvis Presley’s of Turkish culture with our Turkish Celebrity Night

**The price includes accommodation,tranportation in the city,foods.The price does not include souvenirs and alcohol(except The Turkish Night)

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