Iron Curtain Experience

Location: Berlin (Map)
Date: 13/06/2019 - 16/06/2019
Open for: everyone


Date: 13/06/2019 – 16/06/2019

Location: Germany – Berlin


“I’ve been looking for freedom!”

With the 30th anniversary of the downfall of the Iron Curtain, EGEA Berlin is honored to announce the Iron Curtain Experience!

Where could an significant jubilee like this be better placed than in Berlin – the city which has been separated for 28 years through the Berlin Wall and its „Death Strip“. Therefore we are planning an awesome program which gives you the chance to explore Berlin’s younger history and the impact that the Iron Curtain had on this metropolis by excursions and workshops. Furthermore you will experience great group activities and definitely some awesome summer nights in Berlin, worth remembering! :D

And the best thing is: it won’t cost you more than 45€!


What you guys can expect during the four days of the event:

– Bonfire in a scouts-camp, which is also your accomodation during the event time

– Workshop “Our Voices Day” where you find out the consequences of separating this city for that long

– Guided tour about Berlin’s night-time economy –> You will get to know our holy Späties in detail :D

– City Rallies, typical Berlin fleamarket, Skywalk and of course…BDC and Nightlife!



If this event sounds as exciting for you as it does for us, we are very happy to say:



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