(GRE)m (E)nkrat na (N)anos tura

Location: Razdrto (Map)
Date: 28/02/2015 - 01/03/2015

Date: 28/02/2015 – 1/03/2015

Location: Slovenia – Ajdovščina, Nanos

Description: GREm Enkrat Na Nanos tura – green walking tour on Nanos :)


Welcome to the slovenian climatic border. We will rise from 0 up to 1300 meters and explore this mountain in a 2 day excursion that will be led by physical geographers. We will start from Koper where there is 50 km drive up to the mountain. If you are coming from Ljubljana it is 10 km more. We will meet under the giant and then continue on foot. The exact meeting point – you can find it in the picture:



On the way we will check your orientation skills, treasure-caching and how good can you determine the right type of soil, rocks, vegetation, climate and ethnic groups :D Literature will not be sent :D

We will hangsleepover on the top and descend on Sunday. It is a perfect activity you deserve after exams and at the same time relax in fresh air and your own sweat.

Accomodation is in renewal therefore we ask you to bring a sleepingbag so you won’t have any cleanliness problems. Its for your own safety :) You can get a one-time-bedsheet-use so no problems if you don’t have it :) The house is in the process of renewal but we don’t think it will bother you :) We have different things what do to.

The hike is medium diffucult one. It is about 3 hours of walk on quite flat terrain. You should bring your walking boots and sticks (if you use them) to make the ascend easier. The hight difference we’ll make is one meter less than 666 :D

Transport to and off the place: Please use this document. Some basic information is in there, but its important for us to travel green and fill the car we use. Sadly the trains are still out of order in Slovenia so we are imposed to use our own mean of transport. Therefore we will take care more of ourselves with green, healthy snacks :) And of course drinks. We will equally split the transport costs too.

We will take care you won’t be hungry nor thirsty.

The fee of 15 eur you bring with you, no need to feed the banks! :)

See you!

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