Germany Weekend 2014

Location: Dommershausen (Map)
Date: 22/05/2014 - 25/05/2014

Date: 22/05/2014 – 25/05/2014

Location: Germany – Burg Waldeck, 56290 Dommershausen, )

Description: The next EGEA Germany Weekend is coming in May, 22nd 2014. This year, EGEA München and EGEA Bonn are organizing this stunning event.

As geographers we try to be sustainable in our everyday lives, but have you ever been to an EGEA Event where the food is in large part organic and vegeterian? At the Germany Weekend 2014 you can actually experience “green” meals and eat how they ate, eat and will eat “Once upon a time”, “Up to the present” and “Back to the future”. Enjoy environmental responsibility and the food journey through time!
You will arrive at a medieval castle and will be welcomed by kings, queens, princes, princesses, knight, witches and a lot of other medieval people. We will have a medieval dinner and party hard on medieval music – at least for some time! Minnesingers take your instruments with you and catch your princess. Girls take care and stay decent or you might be burnt at the stake. Follow us in the darkest time of European history where magic and legends are real and Geographers are the good guys.

When you wake up at the next day you will find yourself in the present time. At this day we celebrate the 70s, 80s, 90s and nowadays! So you can dress as ABBA, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears or your parents in younger times! Make yourself a permanent wave, let yourself grow sideburns, pack your flares, cocktail dresses, miniskirts, platform shoes and roller skates. We will rock you!

The last party will take place in the future. Flying through the universe in a space shuttle, walking on the moon or meet some alien friends for dinner. What do you think the future will look like? Dress as YOU think people in 100 or more years will look like. Will mankind be a brave and proud race or some inferior creatures? How will the people live without any resources and a warmer climate? Show us what you think!

Beneath all the costumes you will still find the organizers of this event, because we will be the people clapping at 2 and 4 if it should be at 1 and 3 and we can’t dance, but we will make you dance, sweep and have a great time!

The GW2014 takes places from May, the 22nd till May, the 25th. The particpants fee is 65,- € including food and excursions.


Sponsors of the Germany Weekend 2014Sponsors of the Germany Weekend 2014


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