FundRaising Training

Location: Ankaran (Map)
Date: 27/11/2014 - 30/11/2014
Open for: EVERYONE

Date: 27/11/2014 – 30/11/2014

Location: Slovenia – Ankaran, Jadranska cesta 73

Description: Welcome to Fundraising training in Slovenia :)




You will stay at a lovely resort in the northern Mediteranean sea. The accommodation place will look something like this :

Sadly, just the weather will probably be more autumn-like.



You will have access to recreational venues (basketball, volleyball, football) and a jogging track for a morning exercise :)

The program will be going on in a “congress hall” and when you will need a break, there is a salty pool included  ^O^


On the other side, you will stay here with 7 other EGEAns and meet 8 other students from ESTIEM organisation.

For the weekend you will work with two professional trainers that will teach you about self expression, public speaking skills, how to fundraise your budget and grow bonds with partners. It is also a big thing for your personal level. Because trainings are a good opportunity to get to know yourself even better, and use the knowledge for good further reasons. In the last day will be

We think they are still little “underrated”, but when you get to visit one, you will see from your own experience. And that is what we seek for, right? :)

We encourage you to sign up and visit our country in the crossroads of Europe.

The participants fee will be used for your stay, food and all the material withing the training. You are also entitled for a 75 € travel refund!

How you get to the point is easy.

  • Trieste Ronchi is close (64 km by bus – rail connections are sadly bad and you can not use them). One way ticket for Trieste costs you 4 € and then we pick you up. It is about a 5 min drive from accommodation place
  • By car you follow this address. There are parking places available and it’s all good.
  • By train use this link. It shows the hours when you depart from Ljubljana. The transport mean is a bus (weather catastrophe last winter destroyed electricity poles and they use buses instead of trains) but it also departs from railway station in Ljubljana. If you are coming to our country by train of course.. The exit station is Koper and then there is a 5 min drive by car to the accommodation place.

If you have further questions about arrival details and transportation needs, please, WRITE US!



Detailed program comes soon, until then, we will just asure you, that you know when the important thing is: food! :)

  • Breakfast 7:30 –  9:30
  • Lunch 12:00 – 14:00
  • Dinner  18:00 – 20:00


Anybody can join, Open call closes on the 17th of November!




Claudia, BoE: “It’s one of those moments in life, which might feel like a weird thing… something which annoys you, something which you are not sure about… but please, take the step! Give it a chance! :) I promise you, you will not regret it!”


Veronika, Ljubljana:  “As we all thought we know something about fundraising, at the training we found out there is a lot more to it as it can be said or explained in manuals or short training sessions congresses. But the most important thing is the team spirit which we created, because most of all FundComm members were present at the training and live meeting last year. As you already know, getting the sponsors for your events can be really hard, but when you have someone to share your success or loss with (and actually understands what you are talking about) – that is above all the best.

Nora, BoE:  “Please, please use this opportunity! You can learn so much and get totally new perspective about how an organisation works. Don’t let this chance go – it is not only about fundraising, you will get a lot of ideas that you can also use in your personal life / career. And especially don’t be afraid, nobody goes there as a FR expert :)”
Alexandra, ex BoE: “Unfortunately I will not be able to join, but, as organizer and participant of last year’s FR training I can promise you that it will be an awesome event, you will learn a lot and it will boost your confidence  in you and in your FR team so I cannot but recommend you to do all your best to join.”



So, why not!? :)

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