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  Date: 06 – 11.o4.2020                                                                                                     Location: Săcuieu, Cluj, Romania

EGEA Cluj-Napoca is very delighted to organise the Eastern Regional Congress 2020  and to welcome you in Transylvania, the most diverse region of Romania.


In Transylvania not only the landscape varies from high peaks over 2000m to hilly and plain areas, but also the ethnicity of the people, since Romanians, Hungarians, Gypsies, Germans (Transylvanian Saxons) and (definitely) vampires leave together since hundreads of years. Diversity appears in many other aspects in Transylvania, therefore we would like to invite you to discover this way of ”living in diversity” during our congress, between 6 – 11th of April 2020.



We will first celebrate the opening of the event in the ”heart of Transylvania”, the university city of Cluj-Napoca. Afterwards, the main part of the activities will take place in Săcuieu, a traditional transylvanian village, located in the Apuseni Mountains. Part of the Western Romanian Carpathians, this mountain range stands out through its special karstic landscape and its reachness in natural ressources, flora and fauna, thus you will have plenty of interesting things to see during the excursions.

So let’s live together in diversity & rock this congress together, in Apuseni!


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