szlag mnie trafiWelcome to official page of Eastern Regional Congress 2015 organised by EGEA Kraków.

On this website you can find all the informations you’ll need to know about our Congress. OrgaTeam is very enthusiastic about it and we feel great pleasure to invite all of you to one of the most beautiful regions of Poland – Podhale.

We decided to choose this location for a major reason:
We love the mountains, and we want to show their beauty and magnificence to all of you.

4That’s why we found the issue of Winter Olympic Games 2022 in Tatra Mountains region relevant to discuss, because it would affect all the people somehow connected with its environment or economy. We want to look for answers: how exactly it would affect the region, what could go wrong and last but not least, why exactly people who voted “Against” felt bad about the whole concept of WIO in Poland…

The topic of our congress is “Challenging the Environment”. We would like to focus on the impact of mass sport events. Since the congress will take place in the mountains, right next to the border of the Tatra National Park, we want to stress the environmental impact. But we believe that impact on society and economy is equally important.

To ask us about anything visit:

or contact us using e-mail:



or find us on Facebook.

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