Discovering Central Bohemian Uplands

Location: Oparno (Map)
Date: 08/04/2015 - 12/04/2015

Date: 08/04/2015 – 12/04/2015

Location: Central Bohemia Uplands (Litoměřice and Terezín surrounding), GPS: 50°32’33.430″N 14°1’15.431″E (map)

Attendance list:
For your information and for making sure that we didn’t forget anybody (there were some problems with the website and someone registered through google docs) we would like to present you the attendance list:

Alžběta Vosmíková (Praha)
Anastasia (Russia)
Fabian Pfeiffer (Graz)
Florentin Triebl (Graz)
Jakub Petříček (Praha)
Jakub Růžička (Praha)
Jan Sýkora (Praha)
Jonas Germer (Leipzig)
Karolína Fenclová (Praha)
Kate McClintock (New Zealand)
Lukáš Macek (Praha)
Magdalena Bień (Krakow)
Marika Kettunen (Oulu)
Marius Räbiger (Marburg)
Markéta Jansová (Praha)
Martin Koukal (Praha)
Martina Formánková (Praha)
Michal Wagner (Praha)
Nela (Praha)
Philipp Edlinger (Graz)


Description: Dear geographers!
We would like to kindly invite you to visit Czechia in the beginning of April.
Let’s explore the beauty of Central Bohemian Uplands together.
We will visit the so-called Queen of this mountain Milešovka Mountain and also the ruins of Opárno Castle.
We will also explore reminder of dark part of Czech history during Nazi occupation – the Terezín Memorial.
You can also look forward to parties, games and much more! The number of places is 20.

We are looking forward to you!

The program of the event will likely be:

 Arriving participants, accommodation and getting known games :)

              Evening program: Pub quiz

Thursday 9th April: Milešovka and Opárno ruins

              Evening program: Cultural Fair

Friday 10th April: Terezín Memorial and Litoměřice City

              Evening program: Czech night

Saturday 11th April:  Lovos hill and Radobýl hill

              Evening program: BDC

Saturday 12th April: Slow and sad goodbye and departures….

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