Crazy Carnival

Location: Aachen (Map)
Date: 02/03/2019 - 05/03/2019
Open for: Everyone

Date: 02/03/2019 – 05/03/2019

Location: Germany – Aachen


In North Rhine-Westphalia carnival is called the fifth season. This season starts in November and lasts until February/March. The carnival highlights this year take place in early March. For almost a week everyday work stops, lots of people come from all quarters, practically everyone dresses up and the whole region feels in a party mood. Sounds weird? To be honest, it is … but it is also a lot of fun!

Cologne is the carnival hotspot in the Rhineland. For that reason, we will take you to the Ghost Parade in Cologne on Saturday night. You probably think a parade at night makes no sense. Quite the contrary! Spooky costumes and light effects create a unique atmosphere. On Sunday we will show you our city. Aachen is not only another carnival hotspot but also a city with a long history, a beautiful old town and a great location in tri-border-area. A highlight will be a Printen tasting. Printen is some kind of gingerbread and probably the most famous product of the city. In the afternoon we will hike to the tripoint, which is the highest dutch mountain as well. For the evening program we will have a costume warm-up party to put you in the right mood for the next day. On Monday, or “Rosenmontag”, you will experience the great street carnival in Aachen. This carnival parade is one of the TOP10 in Germany. 169 groups/floats, more than 5000 participants and six kilometres in total length!

Important: A big part of carnival are costumes. That is why you need to bring at least one costume with you (2 would be even better). There are no limits, so be creative, you can be whatever you want!

The carnival week is peak season; therefore, accommodations are expensive. We decided to host you at our homes. We can offer 10 spots that are assigned first come first served. We estimate the fee at 50€. Train tickets for Saturday night to cologne, food and free beverages are included. The exception is Lunch/Dinner on Monday. We will be on the streets all day but there will be enough options and possibilities to pick up some food. Registration will open on Wednesday, 2nd January, at 12 am local time.

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