6th e-lecture Scicomm

Location: Leuven (Map)
Date: 12/05/2014
Open for: Everyone

Date: 12/05/2014 – 12/05/2014

Location: On www.WiZiQ.com


Here is the 6th E-lecture from The Scientific Committee

6th e-lecture SciComm

The lecture is part of a serie of lectures called Friction spaces organised by Phd students from the university of Ghent, Leuven and Brussels. The topic is Regulating sex through space given by Prof. Phil Hubbard. He is a Professor of Urban Studies and part of the University of Kent’s School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research.

According to Prof. Phill Hubbard himself: ‘Though I have published on geographies of migrant settlement, student housing and urban planning, I am best known for my work on the sex life of the city. This has manifested in a series of funded projects on the management of street sex work, the licensing of commercial sex premises and, latterly, ESRC-funded research on the effects of lap dance premises on local residents and businesses.’ He published several books and articles and is UK editor of the Journal of social and cultural gepgraphy.

The lecture will start at 20:00 CEST with the presentation of the professor, which last for one hour, and after we will have time for questions and discussion. We will use the website www.WiZiQ.com (the exact link will folow :) ). This website is free and shows the lecture, presentation and there is a chat box for asking questions after the lecture. You will be able to log in with facebook or create a free account.

You can see this lecture in the comfort of your home/dorm or meet up with you’re fellow egeans and organise a local event arround it. In a lot of universities it’s easy and free to rent a room and watch it together :) So spread the word and promote this lecture (with a nice topic :D ) in your entity and university.

The SciComm

PS: if you have questions you can put it in the forum topic or send a message to science@egea.eu



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6th e-lecture Scicomm
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