Information for event organisers


Are you thinking about organising an event? Check these manuals and guidelines for many useful tips and have a look at the Stress Calendar to choose the best date for your event:

Where can I find further help?

  • If you have any problems or questions, always feel free to contact the Activities and Events Committee for support. Just write an email to!
  • You can also address your questions regarding congresses to the Event and PR Advisor ( or your Regional Team.
  • If you have any problems with your event page, please contact the WebAdmin Team at
  • If you need further help in making your events more sustainable and environmentally friendly (and/or have questions involving the ‘Green Book’), please contact EGEA Green at
  • If you would like to talk your event ideas through with someone experienced and get some feedback on the process, contact the EGEA Project Coaches

When organising an event, remember that it has to be 
added to the calendar and announced in advance (the date of submission counts) in order to get points for the Entity Ranking List.

According to 
the Appendix B of the EGEA Protocol, activity points will be given only for events which were:

  1. Added to the calendar on the EGEA website and announced IN ADVANCE.
  2. Attended by EGEAns from at least one different than organising entity or participants from partner organisations.
  3. Reported to the ActCom AFTER the event by filling in the form (see below).


Useful links



Your event was a success? Congratulations! Now share your great experience with all EGEAns! To gain activity points, don’t forget to report your event!


Media and promotion

After your event is finished, you are more than welcome to share photos from your event with the Communication and Media Committee (CMC) at, so they can upload them on EGEA’s Smugmug!
Don’t forget to send a photo from your event to CMC to get it posted on EGEA’s Instagram and Facebook fanpage!
On the 15th of every month, CMC publishes the EGEA Newsletter. Contact CMC to publish an article about your event!


Reporting the event

Please, report your event to the Activities and Events Committee by filling in the form on this link.