Are you thinking about getting active in EGEA, but you are not sure what is the association about? Let us present you the most important opportunities, awaiting you! You can join EGEA here.


As a member of EGEA you get access to numerous events. Every year there are around 200 events taking place, ranging in length from one day to more than a week. In terms of topics you can choose from a huge variety: some events have a strong focus on science or soft skills, others focus on culture or even on sports activities. Whatever you choose, you will always meet motivated young geographers from across Europe eager to get to know you and with high interests in Europe, it’s geography, it’s people and it’s landscape.
Experience Geography, Explore Europe – with EGEA!
Find out more about the upcoming events in the activity calendar.
To give you an idea about the broadness of activities, here are a few recent examples of the past:

  • Cultural Tourism Week in Bosnia (EGEA Mostar)
  • Trondheim Winter Week (EGEA Trondheim)
  • Transylvanian Alps Hiking Week (EGEA Timisoara)
  • Trans-Siberian Express Experience (EGEA Russia)
  • Chernobyl Experience (EGEA Kyiv)
  • Kieler Woche Event – sailing festival (EGEA Kiel)
  • Alpine Cottage Weekend (EGEA Bern)
  • Scientific Conference on the local development of Girona (EGEA Barcelona)
  • Training New Trainers Event (in cooperation with IAAS Poland)

Additionally there are five large congresses every year, where up to 250 geography students and young geographers from across Europe unite for workshops, meetings and excursions.

Taking a short rest during the Transylvanian Alps Hiking Week (Picture: Pol Martinez)


On exchanges two (or sometimes more) entities visit each other to get to know each other’s  city, university, the culture and the people themselves. The hosting entity provides accommodation, food and program for the visiting entity. The exchange consists of two parts, so that both entities get to visit and host the other entity.

Exchanges are a great way to experience a city from the view of a local geography students, as you’re usually hosted by a local entity member. And because you only pay for the travels, it is also a very cheap way to explore a city.


Travel Possibilities

Apart from all the events you can sign up for, EGEA offers you friendships or at least contacts in places all over Europe. Do you want to explore a city from a geography student’s point of view or need recommendations for restaurants, bars, sights or hostels? Ask the local entities for tips and if someone has time to show you around or even host you for the night. Check out the network of the local EGEA entities.

Saying goodbye at the train station after a fun weekend in Brno (Picture: Simon Schudel)

Personal and Professional Development
We also aim to offer opportunities for personal and professional development. Through Programs like our EGEA Mentoring active EGEAns are connected with Alumni, enabling exchange about professional skills, writing of Bachelor and Master theses and the entry into successful careers. EGEA Project Coaching works on a similar basis, enabling exchange and knowledge transfer about project management and other skills needed to realise projects within EGEA. Trainings like the Team Management Training or Training New Trainers enable EGEAns to succeed in our project-based work and beyond EGEA, while sustainably growing our trainer pool, offering students and young geographers the chance to hold trainings for their peers in and outside of the association.

Network of Geographers

EGEA unites geography experts in your age. Building a network which can prove helpful in your future career has never been so easy! Are you looking for a university where you can do a Master’s degree in a certain aspect of geography? Are you looking for an interesting PhD position? Or do you need an experienced geographer to proofread your thesis? In EGEA you can be sure to find something or someone!

If you’re looking for a certain paper, but don’t have downloading access, ask in our forum , maybe someone has access and can send it to you.

Daniel Thiex presenting his bachelor thesis to interested congress participants at the Scientific Symposium (Picture: Hendrik Weiler)

Partnership Opportunities

Thanks to partnerships with other similar organisations, you can also get access to interesting external events through EGEA. Be sure to subscribe to our forums to get news about job offers and other external possibilities.

One of our main sponsors – Esri – offers another unique opportunity for members of our association. You can get a free copy of Esri’s 1-year licensed ArcGIS software! Find more information about how to apply for it here:

Opportunities to Contribute

Do you like project work? EGEA is the place where you can flower out your creativity and your dedication for things you’re passionate about. Organise an event, come up with a cool project making use of the network we have (examples from the past include for example an EGEA cookbook) or contribute in an official position on international level, such as in a Committee, in the Regional Teams or in the Board. You can find more information about these different bodies here.

Working on a project with a motivated international team will improve your soft skills in areas such as project management, teamwork, communication etc. and also help you in your future professional life.

European Geographer Committee Live Meeting during the Annual Congress (Picture: Hendrik Weiler)